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Welcome to my blog, everyone! I live and work in Zambia as a youth worker. Here you'll find tidbits of beauty that I find as I live, love, and serve.

His Image, My Image: a Poem by Subila

His Image, My Image: a Poem by Subila

[Subila is a gap year student. 17 years old.]

We are His crown

Chosen by Him

Sinful and wonderful

Worth his son’s blood

Jesus, ues Im worth Hesus

So brethren let us love one another

Like we love ourselves

Because he loved us first

With his whole heart and compassion

Created us in His image

Brothers and sisters

Do not neglect yourself in His name

Have self worth

Not pride!

Have humility that reminds you that while you were still sinners He died

He died! Yes! For mine and your sins

So that you may have life and be called his own

Because you my friend are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Yes sinful yet wonderful!

His image, My image!

Since the fall of Man in the garden till now, humans have strggled with knowing where they stand in this world. Do they matter? If so, how much do they matter? Does anyone care?

We lose ourselves trying to find ourselves

WE struggle with the issue of wanting to be enough

We want to be heard, to be included, to know if there is anyone in this world who cares enough to die for us, who feels how we feel. We go around wanting to be enough, either caring too much or not caring at all. But each day dying a little. Yes! We can have a healthy self image through different means. But here is the truth: that Jesus is the only Truth, the only way to the true self-image. Yes, your parents died, but even they wouldn’t have been enough. Yes it’s sad that dad wasn’t there, but even his presence wouldn’t eliminate the emptiness you feel inside. Be glad that mome and dad are always there to hug, listen and encourage you but I doubt if that answers all “why’s” you have in your mind. Rejoice if you have friends that keep you going, but even still I know even in there midst you feel alone or not accepted. See the only thing you need to know in this life is that there was Someone who thought you were good enough!

Good enough to step down into darkness from a holy throne.

Good enough to sleep in a manger for.

Good enough to be mocked, bitten, insulted, and crucified for.

Good enough to rise from the grave for.

Good enough to share an inheritance with.

Good enough to come back for.

That person is Jesus and only in Him, through Him, and with Him can you have true self worth. See for Jesus what makes you worthy is his blood. It isn’t the many rewards and applauses you got, or the one too many mistakes you made but the fact you are special. Why? Because he made you and he doesn’t make mistakes. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are loved and accepted, the crown of His creation and apple of his eye! It might hurt that they weren’t there, that they did not care. That they hurt or rejected and left you, but Jesus No! He will never leave you or forsake you. He cares about you, how you are, how you feel. He is with you still to the end of time.

He is a father to the fatherless, a friend to the friendless, and hope to the hopeless. In the end, what you should know is that God doesn’t want you to be the next Nobel Prize winner, Monalisa, or Bill Gates to feel you are enough. All he wants is for His image to be your Image.

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